Saturday, December 17, 2016

New Version on SideloadVR

I upgraded to the latest version of Unity but wasn't able to select any buttons in the UI. I downgraded to version 5.4 and the same bug was present so I had to go back to version 5.3. I've uploaded a new version of Motorcycle Prototype to SideloadVR and am waiting to see what happens. I didn't save the update URL when I originally submitted it so I couldn't update the listing, I contacted the owner and he said I could upload a new version and he'll replace the old one for me.


Did some research on VR HUDs to see what other games are doing and decided to add some overlay text which appears as if the HUD is displaying on the inside of your helmet. Added a money counter at the top so you can see it increasing as you ride around the circuit and a popup when you cross the finish line showing your lap time and comparing it to the last lap. It also shows how much money you earned as a bonus for beating your previous lap time.

Driveclub VR

Unity has a completely new networking framework now from the last time I implemented multiplayer so spent some time reading up on the new system. Had to refactor my prefabs and scene so bikes can be spawned after the scene is loaded and all dependencies can be hooked up without using public variables. Got the rigidbodies synchronising properly across the network. Setup the matchmaking service which allows players to find existing games and join them. Added a new menu to find and display all existing games. I wasn't able to find a way to ping existing servers without actually connecting to them so I'm unable to sort the server list according to ping. Tested the multiplayer implementation with a friend of mine and it seemed to work okay. Currently working on the track menu so players can choose a circuit to ride on.


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