Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Physics and Audio

I've been reading up on how engines work and about physics specific to motorcycles. This has allowed me to get a better understanding of what moves a motorcycle and some formulas for converting engine torque to acceleration and maximum turn radius when going around corners.

Motorcycle Transmission

Up until now I've been struggling to get a smooth ride using the Unity 5 wheel colliders, they would bounce up and down a lot and behave erratically. I decided to try capsule colliders instead of the wheel colliders and this gave me a much more manageable solution. I decided to try out the wheel collider source project on the Unity wiki and found that it's much closer to the behaviour of the wheel colliders from Unity 4. Spent a couple of days implementing a setup using them and got something pretty realistic however this will have to go on the back burner while I finish off the main physics setup.

Wheel Collider Source

Spent a lot of time trying to get a decent engine sound for the motorcycle but realised that it's because you can't increase the speed of a sound in Unity without changing its pitch. This seems to be important for a realistic engine sound so I will need to implement it myself as I'm not sure the Android OS even supports this functionality.

Interactive Car Audio System

I now have a solution for engine torque and turning radius, next up is braking. I need to figure out how the friction from the brake calipers translates to deceleration of the motorcycle.

Bicycle and Motorcycle Dynamics

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