Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Have Your Say

I have extended the poll on choosing a name for the game, if you are using a mobile device you have to scroll down and click "View web version" in order to see it. In other news this blog has now had over 5000 views!

Finished working on the menus for the time being, I'm not happy with how the main menu looks but it's functional. Players can remap their controller in the settings menu. Implemented Splunk Mint in the game which is what I'm using for analytics in Stereo Image Viewer but the events aren't showing up in the dashboard. I implemented Game Analytics but it's very confusing and I can't find the events anywhere. Implemented Flurry and the events aren't showing up at all, I'm starting to see a pattern here. Decided to implement the Google Analytics Unity plugin and see how it goes.

Added a counter for earning money from riding around the circuit. Added a wage system for earning money while not playing the game. Players are told how much they earned while away up to a maximum of eight hours, this should encourage people to come back often and keep a steady stream of income going.

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