Tuesday, April 5, 2016

3D User Interface

Bought a racing UI package off the Unity asset store for Motorcycle Prototype and decided to make a 3D UI in Blender to see how it looks. It turned out good so I'm going to keep going with it.

Racing Game GUI for Mobile

I posted on the MotoGP 15 Steam forum asking if anybody was keen to play online and got a few replies, had some quality races over the past week and have gotten better at the game. It's a good feeling racing shoulder to shoulder with someone where you're so evenly matched the first person to make a mistake loses.

MotoGP 15

Completed the first iteration of the help menu that includes a brief description of the game controls and how to play the game. Started on the settings menu where you can change the controller setup and various video, audio and game settings. I'm thinking about including options that control how the game plays such as acceleration, brake power, etc. I'm going to implement a leaderboard with the top lap times so I'm still not sure how this will work, perhaps lap times will not be recorded when using custom settings as that would not be fair.

Settings menu

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