Sunday, March 20, 2016

New Tracks Coming Soon

Added a finish line and lap timing to Motorcycle Prototype, your current lap time shows on the motorcycle dashboard along with the best lap of the session. Came up with some name ideas for the game because it's not going to be called Motorcycle Prototype forever. Started designing the menus and implemented a functional menu using the default Unity UI. There is going to be a help menu with instructions on how to play the game and how everything works, there is going to be a settings menu where you can remap your controller and change some settings in the game. I got the idea to add money to the game. You start off with around $10000 and have to pay $100 to ride on a circuit, you get paid according to your performance on the circuit based on how long you ride and how fast you are going. I haven't worked out the specifics yet but for example you get $1 for every second you ride at 100 km/h so if you are travelling at 50 km/h you earn 50 cents per second. In multiplayer there will be combos for achievements such as holding the best lap multiplied by the number of players in the server so if there are two players the amount is multiplied by two. You will still be able to ride if you don't have enough money at first so I can get the balancing sorted and make it fair, I might also add a daily pay of $100 or so with a combo for each day you come back in a row. The game no longer requires a controller to play, you can steer the bike by turning your head and it's much smoother than using a thumbstick. You can accelerate and brake by dragging on the touchpad, I am going to experiment with holding the touchpad to accelerate and automatically braking when letting go to see which method works best. I had a look online for some race track game assets and found a couple of good ones in the asset store, I am going to buy one of them and put it in the game. It looks much more professional than what I have now.

Mobile ready racetrack pack
I couldn't decide on a name for the game so I'm sticking with Motorcycle Prototype for now, I have added a poll to the main page so please vote for your favourite or suggest a new one in the comments.

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